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Claire and Juan's Wonderful Wedding

Welcome to the lovely wedding of Claire and Juan. This was one wedding that will be remembered forever. In the beginning of the morning, the beautiful bride and groom had to get ready. While they were getting ready, "Muse Events" had to get the flowers from the florist "Sweet Pea".

After Claire and Juan got ready they were finally able to see each other. As soon as Claire was ready she began to walk up to see Juan (he will be very surprised and ecstatic).

Once they were united not only were they beyond happy to see one another, but it was also were able to take some photos with the fantastic Talia from "Blissful Impresions".

The ceremony was a ceremony to remember. The officiant for the ceremony was Valarie Naylor. Juan is moments away from being husband and wife. Throughout the ceremony the couple exchanged their vows, they had a wine ceremony, and they exchanged their rings. Congratulation Claire and Juan you are now husband and wife!!

The reception took place at the Denver Botanic Gardens. What a great place to have a wedding reception!! This is a wedding that was unique and beautiful and many people are very enthusiastic about everything that has been set for this amazing wedding.

Congratulations to Claire and Juan!! May your life together be everlasting!!

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