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Meghan and Will

Meghan and Will joined together as one at Spruce Mountain Ranch. The ceremony took place beneath a beautiful stained wood cross, decorated with Fresh flowers. Every little details throughout this special day impressed and shined. The White programs were no exception, having been printed with purple flowers cascading across the top, they were a lovely way to guide guests through the wedded bliss. The ceremony proved to be emotional and heartfelt as Meghan walked down the aisle in a stunning white gown accompanied by her grandfather.

After the ceremony the wedding party and family gathered for pictures with Colorado Kate’s photography while the rest of the guest gathered for food and drinks in the Cocktail hour space. Cocktail hour consisted of drinks, food , and a beautiful guestbook printed with photos of Meghan and Will on each page. When the Cocktail hour came to a close, a plated dinner was served by Rocky Mountain Catering putting a delicious note on the tastebuds of every guest.

The Shoe game was a memorable addition to the party as Meghan and Will made the entire room billow with laughter through the raising of each other's shoes. Another moment that will never be forgotten was when the entire dance floor busting a move and singing along to a song from Disney’s Moana. When the dancing came to an end and the Cake had been cut and enjoyed, it was time for Meghan and Will to Embark on this new journey of life! Guests lined the exit holding strands of markets lights and cheering as Meghan and Will made their way into the getaway car and off onto their next adventure! What an Amazing Night! Congratulations Meghan and Will.

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