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Cody and Lauren

In the Meadows of Spruce Mountain Ranch a beautiful ceremony took place joining Cody and Lauren together in Matrimony. The backdrop framing the couples I do’s was truly stunning with natural beauty and the vibrant greens of the Colorado Country side. The couple’s ceremony involved a unity glass sweetly symbolizing the unification from two into one. What a special moment to share with each other and their loved ones.

Onto the couple’s cocktail hour, guests signed a pair of vintage wood ski’s with their names and sweet messages for the couple. drinks, food and nature were aplenty creating an atmosphere where conversations and good times flourished.

After the Cocktail hour guess migrated from the Colorado room into the Albert Lodge. Once there, guests were greeted with an abundance of cookies in every flavor size and shape imaginable. It was a special touch to see all of the delicious homemade treats there to make Cody and Lauren's day’s extra sweet.

Following the Buffet dinner from the delicious Occasions Catering. The cake was cut, the dancing was danced and the night floated off into perfection. Lauren and Cody exited their party with a market light receiving line to soak in this perfect start to their happily every after.

Photos captured by Elizabeth Ann Photography

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