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Jackie & Justin's Wedding

Amidst the uncertainty of 2020 thus far, Jackie and Justin's love for each other always remained constant, and nothing was going to stand between them and their perfect day. On a beautiful afternoon in July, they gathered at Spruce Mountain Ranch with some of their closest family and friends to celebrate the beginning of their forever.

Jackie and Justin promised to love each other unconditionally, and just as they went to "seal the deal" with a kiss, the skies opened up around them, the rain falling like confetti to celebrate their union. The confetti-rain signaled the beginning of the celebrations, and the guests hurried to the cocktail hour.

As the newly ordained Mr. and Mrs. Stolpman wandered the beautiful grounds of Spruce Mountain Ranch, their guests signed their guest "log" and looked at the pictures that shared Jackie and Justin's love story. Before long, it was time for the reception. Around the room, tables were named after beautiful Colorado mountains, but when Jackie and Justin walked into the room, they out-shined all of the mountains put together. Love was everywhere, lighting the room as the sun slowly began to sink below the horizon.

After hours of laughter and dancing, it was time for the bride and groom to finally set off together. With a glow stick send off, Mr. and Mrs. Stolpman were swept off into their new future. Congratulations Jackie and Justin! We wish you all the best.

Photos by Deanna Trevizo at Drive the Image Photography


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