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Zoom to the Altar: Wedding Options for 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings around the world have been put on hold. But the pandemic does not need to signal the end of your dream wedding. Whether gathering virtually with your friends and family or hosting a small, intimate ceremony, your wedding can still be a dream come true.

Zoom Weddings

Christine and Brian celebrate their wedding day virtually. They both wear the masks as a joke on COVID-19.

As many large wedding celebrations have been postponed, you may have seen a few more “Zoom” weddings. While named after the popular video conferencing app, these weddings include any shared publicly through video sharing: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc. This is a great option for people who just want to get married but also want to share the special ceremony with their friends and family. For these ceremonies, you can invite a small wedding party and a handful of family members, being careful to stay below your area’s maximum for social gatherings. If you don’t know your area’s protocol, a quick Google search should help you out. You can also follow these links to the Colorado government’s page on Indoor and Outdoor events for more info. If you would rather not have your officiant take up one of the precious few spots, they can officiate virtually, or even better, you can have a family member or close friend officiate, as there is no need to be ordained in CO. All of us at Muse Events cannot wait until we can have large, 200+ celebrations again, but for the time being, it is safer to keep things small. A Zoom wedding is a great option for those wanting to get married sooner rather than later, and since they are very cost effective, you can still hold a larger “sequel” celebration in the future.


Nine people dance, staying below the social gathering maximums while still having a good time.

If the idea of live streaming your wedding doesn’t quite feel “right” for your special day, there are still other options! Rather than have a Zoom wedding, you can have a small minimony – a wedding ceremony of up to ten people. Like in a Zoom wedding, the officiant can be in-person or virtual, but unlike in a Zoom wedding, you may consider still using some of your vendors that you planned to use on your wedding day. At the minimony, you may have a mini wedding cake provided by your pastry chef, a small buffet provided by your caterer, and small arrangements from your florist. You may also consider inviting your photographer to document the special event but be wary of your ten-person limit. By using your vendors, you can support them in a time that they are taking a particularly large hit, but that also means that the minimony will cost a bit more than a Zoom wedding. Still, there should be plenty of room in your budget to allow you to host a “sequel” wedding down the line, having the celebration that you dreamed of without having to wait to actually get married.

Zoom Minimony