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Jessica & Andrew's Wedding

On August 22nd, Jessica and Andrew were joined as one under the beautiful summer sun at the stunning Denver Botanic Gardens. Throughout the day, the sun shown brightly, illuminating the smiles on both Jessica and Andrew's faces.

Surrounded by the gorgeous plants of the Denver Botanic Gardens, Jessica and Andrew were reminded of their own love for each other, fittingly choosing to do a tree planting ceremony. Like a tree, their love would grow tall and strong. It would weather both the sunniest of days and the stormiest of nights. With a bit of nurturing, though, their love would remain resilient.

Following the ceremony, the newly ordained Mr. and Mrs. Durham stole some time away for themselves, escaping the heat of the sun and enjoying their own homebrews. In the meantime, their guests wandered the gardens, admiring the greenery.

After a lot of laughter and a few drinks, the couple and their guests made their way into the orangery for the reception. Spectacular food and even better company made for a wonderful evening.