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Christa & Brett's Wedding

It was the evening of Christa and Brett’s wedding and they were enjoying their wedding rehearsal and dinner knowing that the next day will be the biggest day of their lives…. On the morning of their wedding the bride and groom got ready early because they were going to have a first look before the ceremony. Brett was speechless when he saw Christa and you saw the love between them. Once the first look was over they took some photos that were done by Yellow Paddle Photography and then it was time to get married.

The ceremony took place at The Golden Hotel in Golden, Colorado. The wedding party walked down the aisle and then all eyes turned back because it was time for Brett to see his soon to be wife to walk down the aisle with her father, Duane. Once the ceremony was over, it was time for the celebration to begin. But before the dancing could begin the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed dinner and heard some touching toasts from their loved ones. They shared their first dance together as the song “Thinking Out Loud” played and it was perfect! As the night was coming to the end, the bride and groom were sent off with love and happiness from their family and friends.

Photography: Yellow Paddle Photography Courtland Wilson

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