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The Marvelous Wedding of Alisa and Seth

Welcome to the marvelous wedding of Alisa and Seth. This is the very exciting day that this couple will never forget. This beautiful wedding took place at "Cielo at Castle Pines" .

Throughout the day, the bride and groom had to get ready for this exciting moment.

Then the photographer arrives. The main photographer for the wedding was by "Dana Frost Photography".

Then the ceremony starts. What an exciting moment. The person that provided the music for the ceremony was a family friend named Robby Schechter.

The Rabbi was named James Arnold.

Congratulations to Alisa and Seth you are now husband and wife!

Next up was the reception. When the reception started, it was the first dance of the bride and groom with the whole family to the Jewish Melody.

Then afterwards, everyone had dinner. The cake and the catering was by "Occasions".

Afterwards, everyone danced the night away!!Congratulations to Alisa and Seth! May you have a marvelous life together!!

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