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The Beautiful Wedding of Venice and Rory

The wedding of Rory and Venice took place at the church named St Ignaciuous Ignola. Throughout the day, there was a lot of preparation for the wedding reception. The wedding reception took place at The Museum of Nature and Science. One of the largest aspects of the wedding are the flowers. The flowers were created from Moss Pink, a floral company in Denver, Colorado. Their centerpieces for each table their guests would be sitting at had a picture of different mountains that you would find in Colorado. Also at their table, each guest was given a jar of honey, which was a nice touch. When the guests were arriving back from the church to the museum, there was a cocktail hour on the beautiful terrace of the museum. Everyone was able to writer their names (or messages) on their coasters during the cocktail hour. The rest of the night everyone danced the night away!!

Congratulations to Venice and Rory on their new life together!

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