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The Amazing Wedding of Laura and Seth

Welcome to Laura and Seth's amazing wedding. This is definitely a wedding to be remembered.

The wedding took place on September 3rd, 2016 at the Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

Before the lovely wedding gets started, the Bride and the Bridesmaids had to get ready.

After the ladies are all set and ready, the groomsmen arrive.After they arrive, the photographer Greg Roe arrives from Roe Photography. This was then man that took the amazing photographs. Then the catering arrives. The wedding was catered by Serendipity Catering.

he ceremony musicians were the Diamond Empire Band. This definitely beautiful music for the wedding.Then here comes the bride and her father. What an exciting moment!

Laura and Seth are about to become husband and wife.

Scott decided to do a reading. This is very special moment knowing that Laura and Seth are meant to be and it is being reassured by someone important to them.Next was the exchange of vows tradition. It is always great to express love to one another.

Next was the exchange of the rings. How amazing do these rings look? They are beautiful and unique.

Congratulations to Laura and Seth you are now husband and wife!

After the lovely ceremony, it was time for the lively reception!All of the guests came to the venue and were able to start having dinner.

Afterwards people shared the toasts with each other. This is always one of the greatest moments of the reception because this is the moment where people are brought together to share the happiness of love. At the end of the night, everyone danced the night away!!

Congratulations to Laura and Seth!! We hope you had a fantastic wedding and continue to have a fantastic life together!!

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